E-Z Boy Tours is committed to provide customers with a safe, comfortable and memorable adventure while experiencing the Inland and Marine Tours in Belize.

E-Z Boy Tours is originally owned by one of the first families who settled on Caye Caulker and came into operation in June of 1997. Hans is the fifth generation to continue the family tradition eventually expanding his services to offer snorkeling adventures to daily visitors to the island.  His father, grandfather and great grandfather are all fishermen. The tour guides of E-Z Boy Tours are third and fourth generation islanders who have great knowledge of the marine area, skilled at navigating at night and are also licensed by the Belize Tourism Board.

E-Z Boy Tours is also an active member in Friends of Swallow CayeCaye Caulker BTIAFAMRACC, United Caye Caulker Tour Operators Association. E-Z Boy Tours is also a voluntary Emergency Responder in assisting the community with emergency transportation to Belize City.


Caye Caulker is located one mile west of the Barrier Reef and it is 5 miles in length. In the early days, 2 sets of families were shipwrights and were known to build wooden sailboats in order for them to make their living by fishing and were the only means of transportation between the island and Belize City. It is said the name ‘Caye Caulker’ was derived from this activity; the caulking of the boats, originally spelt ‘Caye Corker’ according to British maps. From there, the shipwright trade was continued on to Sartaneja, a fishing village in the Corozal District, which is still being done today and where our sailing boat, Inri was built.


Our boats are licensed by the Belize Port Authority for the following amount of passengers:

  • INRI – Our newest boat in the family. It is a 40ft locally built sailing boat with the capacity of 24 passengers.
  • E-Z Boy – It is a 29ft speed boat with the capacity of 24 passengers.
  • E-Z Girl – It is a 25ft speed boat with the capacity of 16 passengers.
  • Island Boy – It is a 25ft speed boat with the capacity of 16 passengers.

Our Tour Guides are locals who have grown on Caye Caulker. They are all licensed by the Belize Tourism Board and are also certified in Emergency First Response.